In a highly competitive global market, quality is our raison dêtre. We are therefore ratified by ISO 9001:2015 demonstrating that we have achieved the highest quality standards.

Real Controls, One by One

  • Quality controls are essential to guarantee good performance from our filters, each and every one of which is subjected to an individual test.
  • The effort and dedication that we invest in our products means reliability for our customers. This is the reason for our continual evolution which places Venfilter at the head of the sector.
  • Ethics and transparency, simplification of management, innovation, compliance with standards and the highest guarantees for our customers.

Quality Certificate

 .  Bureau Veritas Certification,  certifies that the quality system of the company VENTILACIÓN Y FILTRACIÓN, SL (Venfilter) complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.