Filtros de bolsas compactos

Entry, Exit and Recirculation ventilation systems requiring high safety: In Air Conditioning equipment (air conditioners, ventilation boxes, etz ...), Air Conditioning System (Hospitals, Laboratories, Museums, Airports, etc ... ), Industrial Processes (Ind.Farmceutica, Food, Optics, microelectronics, Veterinary, Chemical and surface treatment), as pre-filter and HEPA filter Ulpa.
Multiven ES A+
Multiven Energy
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Varipleat Plastico

Panel Filters plastic or metal frame, designed for use in confined and narrow spaces or where required fine particle filtration. Its main feature is that they are shallow requiring less space in the air handling units have a large filtration area for permitendo size large flow variations in air pressure.
Plastic Varipleat


Panel Filters for Air Handling units (Autonomos Conditioners, Air Conditioning Units and Ventilation), Industrial Processes (Pharmaceutical Ind., Microelectronics, Optics, Food, Veterinary, Quimica Fina, etc ...)