Mantas filtrantes y prefiltros

Prefilter to retain coarse particles in Self-Contained Air Conditioning Units, Air Conditioning Units, Air Intake of Painting Cabins.

Quebraven Metálico

Prefilter to retain coarser particles in air treatment units, air conditioning, ventilation systems and painting cabins.Type
Flat panel filter.

Cabinas de Pintura

Filters for Painting Booths

Filtros de Bolsas

HVAC installations such as: In Air Conditioning equipment (Air Conditioning Units, Ventilation Chambers, etc.), Air Conditioning Systems (Office buildings, Call Centres, Department Stores, Hospitals, Museums and Airports, Industrial Processes (Pharmaceutical, Food, Optical Industries, etc.) and as a prefilter to Hepa and Ulpa Filters.

Filtos Compactos

Intake, Discharge and Recirculation in ventilation systems that require high security: In Air Conditioning equipment (Air Conditioning Units, Ventilation Chambers, etc.), Air Conditioning Systems (Hospitals, Laboratories, Museums, Airports, etc…), Industrial Processes (Pharmaceutical, Food, Optical, Microelectronics, Veterinary, Chemical Industries and treatment of surfaces). As a prefilter to Hepa and Ulpa filters.


The HEPA absolute filters are used for filtration of incoming, outgoing and recirculation air in ventilation systems such as: Incoming Air: Clean Rooms, Operating Theatres, Laboratories, etc... Industrial Processes: Microelectronics, food industry, optics, pharmaceutical industry, fine chemistry, etc. Treatment of Dangerous substances: Asbestos, Metal dust, Bacteria, Viruses, Radioactive Particles.


Terminal or air return filtration in clean rooms and laminar flow cabins.

Filtros de alta temperatura

Air Filters High Temperature are designed to work in extreme temperatures, supporting them and giving adequate performance for every application, from processes of the automotive industry to ultra-clean processes.

Equipos, climas y sistemas

Additional equipment for filter placement, a wide variety of solutions, from the placement of pre-filters, compact bags, absolute or charcoal which require a high quality of air to obtain a high degree of cleanliness or environmental purity with a or multiple stage filtration.

Turbinas y motores de gas

Filters designed to work in extreme conditions at the inlet of the gas turbines, diesel engines and gas compressors or filters are required where high mechanical strength.

Filtros de carbono y Químicos

The carbon and chemical filters are designed for input, output and recirculation in ventilation systems requiring improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and odors gases such as air conditioning systems (Hospitals, Laboratories, Museums, Airports, kitchens industrial, banks, office buildings, etc ...), industrial processes (Ind. Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Optics, Microelectronics, etc ...), absolute filters prefiltration.