Terminal module diffuser with incorporated ventilator. This module aspires the air from it's plenum or from a clean atmosphere in order to create a localized laminar flow for clean and white rooms.

Fitting Elements

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Type: Diffuser Terminal module with built-in fan.
Construction: Airtight welded electrogalvanised steel, white epoxy paint (RAL 9010) and kiln dried.
Air intake: Circular and at the top.
Filter attachment: In the lower part, against the smooth frame, one single piece and held by attachment devices that exert a continuous and constant pressure.
For filters: Air ultrafiltration to class U17.

Radial fans with backward curved blades.
- External rotor engine protected by thermoforming.
- Statically and dynamically balanced turbine according to VDI 2060 class Q 2.5.

Single phase 230V, 50Hz.
Intensity: 0.67 Amp.
Power: 154 W.
Speed: 2500 r.p.m.
Max. & Delta press.; Pa: 460

Pressure Gauge.- Pre. 1 (Range from 10 to 700 Pa).
Pre-filter support.

- Independent laminar flow. Reduced height.
- Installable in standard roof constructions.
- Interchangeable HEPA or ULPA filter. Ultra-air filtration of up to H17 (EN 1822).
- Filter can be removed without altering roof sealing properties. DOP and load loss connections.
- Speed modifiable by module.


Reference Dimensions
Rated flow
(m3/h / Pa)
For Filters
Unit Vol.
UxP* Stock*
MGGV2424.2 680x680x300 600/125 610x610x66 200 0.13 1 F
MGGV2448.2 1290x680x300 1200/125 1220x610x66 200 (2) 0.26 1 F
Units per box
F: Manufacturer, S: Stock, SL: Limited Stock


  • MGGV2448
  • MGGV2424