Active carbon pellet, supplied in bags. Highly efficient filtration for the elimination of gaseous pollutants substances. With a wide variety of options. Central air filtration of systems for the elimination of gaseous pollutants. Air treatment units, Hospital centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, comfort and industrial facilities, chemical and food industry. Incineration / Niches / Water treatment plants, dead animal deposits, hotels, restaurants, discotheques, thermal and nuclear power plants, museums, theaters, computer rooms, critical areas.

Active Carbon Filters

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Type: Compact Polyhedral Rigid Bag Filter for deodorisation associated with a High Efficiency filter.
Frame: Polypropylene.
Filtering Element: Combines active carbon pellet with synthetic fibres and microfibres with an efficiency of 95%, according to EN 779, F7 and 85%, according EN779, M5. 
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Average Efficiency % (Em): 85%
Class EN 779: F7 
Recommended Fine Pressure Drop: 250 Pa.
Temperature: Should not exceed 45ºC
Retention capacity:
Organic substance toluene 952 g.
Organic substance n-Butane 117 g.
Inorganic substance SO2 350 g.
Inorganic substance HO2 5000 mg.

The retention capacity of the filter is determined for intake concentrations, according to standard E DIN 71460/part 2

Accumulation Capacity: (AC Fine/450 Pa) 650 g.

- Filtration of central ventilation systems, for the elimination of gaseous pollutants.
- High efficiency filters can not cope with the problems of contamination by volatile or gaseous substances.
- Active carbon filters improve air quality, alleviating the discomfort of people produced by the “Sick Building” Syndrome by eliminating polluting gases and odors in urban environments that enter the offices through the ventilation system through a chemical-physical process.
Reference Model Presentation Granulometry mm. Density gr/l Humidiy % Hardness Sup. Esp. m2/gr. Ind. Iodine Mg / gr. Adsorption CCL4%
CARB-4/25 CARB Pellet 4 0,48+-0,03 5 97 900 950 55
CARB-ORGANICO CARB Pellet 8 x 30 0,50 4 98 700 min 700 50
CARB-FORMALDEHIDO CARB Pellet 4 x 10 0,52-0,58 4 98 1000 1000 50
CARB-ACIDO CARB Pellet 4 x 10 0,52-0,58 10 98 1000 1000 50
CARB-AMONIACO CARB Pellet 4 x 10 0,52-0,58 4 98 1000 1000 50
CARB-ISOTOPOS CARB Granulated 14 0,45+-0,02 10 97 1000 1000 65
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