EN 16798-3:2017 Standard

Recommended minimum filter classes, by filter selection, depending on the type of supply air and the outside air quality according to EN16798-3: 2017
Exterior air
Air supply class
SuP1 (Highest) SuP2 SuP3 SuP4 SuP5 (below)
ODA 1 M5+F7 F7 F7 F7 -
ODA2  F7 + F7 M5 + F7 F7 F7 G3, M5
ODA 3  F7 + F9 F7 + F7 M6 + F7 F7 F7
The new standard EN 16798-3: 2017 refers to the standard EN 779, does not provide any recommendation for the selection of filters classified according to EN ISO 16890-1.