Part of our health and wellbeing comes from the air we breathe. The spaces we live in, whether in private or public, or in our workplace; they all need to be protected from air pollution. But this is not only true for the places where we live or work, there are certain production processes and certain workspaces, in which air quality plays a crucial role, such as operating theatres.
If the air we breathe were better, of a higher quality, and if we took better care of our ventilation systems, we would be able to prevent a large number of respiratory diseases. We would also help to maintain safety standards in production areas where food is handled, and where medicines are manufactured, as well as in clean rooms, and similar areas. "The Eurovent, Guide for General Filtration" is an air filter guide based on the ISO16890 standard, which will help you look after your air-related needs.
This guide is indispensable for all those responsible for maintenance and health and safety at work in company environments. It comprises over 25 pages in which you will find all the information you need with respect to air filters.
There are many industrial divisions that depend on proper air filtration in order to offer their customers high quality, competitive products: hospitals, the pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, microelectronics, food, packaging, optics and aerospace sectors – just to mention a few.
This document also provides information for manufacturers of ventilation equipment, air treatment systems, and end users about correct air filtration, its importance, pertinent regulations, fundamental principles, design, energy efficiency, and how filters should be used and assembly and maintenance carried out.
Eurovent is the largest group of air filter manufacturers in the world, which comprises over thirty companies. Your guide to air filters for general ventilation is available free on its website, and you can download it by clicking here.
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