Sometimes we find systems that require a of non-standard  sized air filtes, so that is the main reason why here at Venfilter we can manufacture custom sized filters for every filtering requirement.

At Venfilter we can produce, distribute and sell air filters for all types of industries. At our Terrassa facilities, we are able to manufacture from one standard size filter to any size required.

“Custom sized”  customer support

Our team of professionals in filtration can provide personalized advice to help you design and manufacture the filter that best suits your needs.

We have experience in all types of industry and manufacture from prefilters, to high efficiency filters and absolute filter HEPA and ULPA.

High quality filters, manufactured in Spain

We invest in the future, constantly betting on technology. As proof of this, we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA filters according to EN1822 standard.

We continue working with rigor, investing in research, improving our production and service capacity, to offer excellence in air filters to companies from here and from the rest of the world.

Mantas filtrantes y prefiltros

Prefilter to retain coarse particles in Self-Contained Air Conditioning Units...

Quebraven Metálico

Prefilter to retain coarser particles in air treatment units, air conditionin...

Cabinas de Pintura

Filters for Painting Booths

Filtros de Bolsas

HVAC installations such as: In Air Conditioning equipment (Air Conditioning U...

Filtos Compactos

Intake, Discharge and Recirculation in ventilation systems that require high...


The HEPA absolute filters are used for filtration of incoming, outgoing and r...


Terminal or air return filtration in clean rooms and laminar flow cabins.

Filtros de alta temperatura

Air Filters High Temperature are designed to work in extreme temperatures, su...

Equipos, climas y sistemas

Additional equipment for filter placement, a wide variety of solutions, from...

Turbinas y motores de gas

Filters designed to work in extreme conditions at the inlet of the gas turbin...

Filtros de carbono y Químicos

The carbon and chemical filters are designed for input, output and recirculat...