One of the key factors that determines a laboratory is the fact that in its interior the environmental conditions are controlled and normalized, so that it can be assured that there are no strange influences that can alter the result of the experiment or measurement carried out in it.  And to get this environmental conditions, one of the main things taken into account -among others – is the quality of the air inside the laboratory.

The laboratory is a place equipped with the necessary means to carry out research, experiments, practices and scientific, technological or technical work. Those measuring instruments and equipment are generally very delicate and their operation conditions request the best environment possible.

At Venfilter we know that good air quality is based primary on a good air flow. Our work capabilities and our high commitment to specialization allow us to meet the requeriments of companies from the most demanding sectors, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industry themselves.

Pharmaceutical laboratories demand high standards of air cleanliness and require high filtering requirements that very few companies can satisfy. That's why we are great specialists in air filters for laboratories.

Unique in Spain

At Venfilter we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our sealing standards for the filter cell for HEPA and ULPA-filters according to EN1822 standard.

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