Standard EN 779:2012, FOR AIR FILTERS.


It is a certification programme applicable to air filter elements rated and sold as "Medium and Fine Filters Class M5, M6, and F7 to F9" as defined in EN 779:2012 and with a front frame size of 592x592mm according to the standard EN 15805.

The new European standard for air filters EN779:2012 became effective in 2012. The new version will classify air filters based on their lowest filtration efficiency, referred to from now on as minimum efficiency (ME).

It will also become easier to select an air filter for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), efficiency, minimum efficiency and Energy efficiency. According to this new energy efficiency classification system introduced by EUROVENT, filters will be graded from “A+” to “E”, with A representing the lowest energy consumption and E the highest. This new standard, due to become effective in 2014, will enable us to provide customers with information about the annual energy consumption of a filter. Thus it will become an easier task to select the right filter for the right application on the basis of energy efficiency and filtration.

The energy consumption of filters will be determined according to a flow rate of 0.944 m3/s (3400 m3/h), fan performance at 0.5, the operation time and the loss of media charge of the dP filter.

At Venfilter we are designing our new filter product labels and references to include the new identification of the “A+ to E” energy rating on all boxes.

This standard comes in response to the problems that have been encountered with electrostatically charged synthetic filters. In short, their initial filtration efficiency is satisfactory, but they soon lose their electrostatic charge, which reduces their air cleaning capacity; thus they lose their initial filtration capacity, contaminating the atmosphere inside buildings.

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