There are specific ventilation systems that demand a great degree of quality and air sterility and this circumstance will determine the filter we have to choose.

A correct air conditioning is key to guarantee the no presence of contaminating external agent in these work environments or processes, and also, performing a good maintenance and revision is key to avoid that an incorrect operation of the filters produces negative effects on both people or the processes.

Some of the major industries in which air conditioning filters are used as a key element are operating rooms and hospital intensive care units, clean rooms, industrial processes (especially in the electronics and microelectronics sector), cosmetics or food, handling of dangerous substances or in the nuclear industry itself and its research facilities, laminar flow zones for pharmaceutical processes, painting booths, intelligent buildings, etc.

At Venfilter we are permanently motivated to achieve a perfect filtration adapted to each situation. For this we make use of our most precious asset, the experience. During our trajectory elaborating complex filtration projects for the most varied needs we have been forging this experience accumulating solutions for every circunstance.

In Venfilter we know what consequences can have a poor filter and that is why we spare no technical or human means to offer a product with all the guarantees. In fact we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our leakage standards for the filter cell of HEPA and ULPA filters according to the EN1822 standard.

From VENFILTER we give the necessary advice for a correct definition and optimization of the air conditioning system that perfectly suits the activity of your business, and we supply all kinds of prefilters, medium and fine filtration solutions, active carbon filters and absolute filters (HEPA / ULPA) of any measures and materials.