At Venfilter our work capacity and our high commitment to specialization allow us to meet the needs of companies and the most demanding sectors that need to create clean environments for different reasons.

Air purity is an elementary factor in many production processes (such as electronics and microelectronics, paint booths, dust and particle-free manufacturing processes, etc.) and also because air is the medium for the propagation of bacteria, creating a clean environment is key in a socio-sanitary environment such as hospitals and medical centers and similars.

The most commonly used filters are HEPA absolute filters used for inlet, outlet and recirculation air filtration in ventilation systems such as: Air inlet (Clean Rooms, Operating Rooms, Laboratories, etc.), Industrial processes (Microelectronic industry, food, optical, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, etc.), treatment of dangerous substances: asbestos, metallurgical powders, bacteria, viruses, radioactive particles.

In the companies of the pharmaceutical industry, the regulations are very strict, demanding the highest quality standards both in the field of research and experimentation as in the manufacture of the final products, which must be carried out in the environment of clean rooms in the most aseptic way.

In Venfilter we have the only laboratory in Spain that allows us to guarantee our leakage standards for the filter cell of HEPA and ULPA filters according to the EN1822 standard.

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